Tamara Woods as Sgt. Diane Torres

Tamara’s Short Bio: A native of Philadelphia, Tamara is an actress and military veteran, who served in the U.S Air Force. Commercials (Nike and Forman Mills). Stage plays: “Why Can't We Be Friends,” “Death of a Salesman,” “God’s Trombones,” “A New Shade of Blue,” “Seamless.” Movies: “For Better or Worse” and “Sure Looks Good.”

John Quinlan as Captain Jake Nixon

John’s Short Bio: - John has been involved in athletics, professional wrestling, fitness, boxing, bodybuilding, and modeling since the age of 19. Some of the covers he has graced as a model include romance and fitness books. He also works as an image model for dozens of apparel brands over the years along, appearing in television, documentaries, commercials, art gallery print work, and having his likeness used on fitness and romance book covers.  He has starred in a few promotional videos. He was featured in the documentary “Ringmasters: Pro Wrestling in New England” and the MSNBC Investigates documentary “Body of Work.” John Quinlan portrayed a mobster a video short included in “Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition.”

Jennifer Alicia Sherman as Pastor Haley Miller

Jennifer’s Short Bio: Movies/TV: “Oswald’s Christmas,” “Untouchables,” “The Body,” Theater/Regional: “Gypsy Joe Harris,” “The Visit,” “The Rainmaker,” “My Fair Lady,” “Lend Me A Tenor,” “The Sound of Music.”

Robert Murray as Jessie West

Robert’s Short Bio: Movies/TV: “Reserve Notes,” “Vector III,” “Diary of a Badman.” Theater/Regional: “Trials and Tribulations of Staggerlee,” “Raisin in the Sun.”

Mark Marcarian as Nate Torres

Mark’s Short Bio: Movies/TV: “Mama,” “Hollywood Zombies” “I’ll Sleep When I’m Done.” Theater/Regional: “Are U Being Served,” “A Month of Sundays,” Scarebrothers.”

Bethany Mack as Maddy Sinclair

Bethany’s short bio: Movies: “Natural Selection”. Web series: “Lacey’s Confessions.” Theater: “Annie,” “Godspell,” Bye, Bye Birdie,” “Bugsy Malone.”

Benjamin Yon as Sgt. Eric Myers

Benjamin’s Short Bio: Movies/TV: “Day of Salvation,” “Possession,” “Battle,” “North Bend.” Theater/Regional: “12 Angry Men,” “Escape From Capture,” “The Healing,” “Gotta Be There,” “Girl He Loves Me,” “The Resurrection.”

David Bazemore as Sgt. Riley Spellmen

David’s Short Bio: Movies: “The Quick Chronicles” “Ion Tech Wear,” “The Fall of Grace,” “Teachers Training.” Theater: “Dreamgirls,” “Pippin,” “Hairspray,” “The Wiz.”

Nicholas Mangino as Sgt. First Class Raymond Stein

Nicholas’s Short Bio: Movies/TV: “The Book of Nimrod” “Guarding Grace” “Sinner City,” “If It Ain’t Got That Swing.” Theater/Regional: “Kathleen’s Diary,” “Sunday Lady” “Sittin’ In,” “Karma 101.”

Sara Osi Scott as Angela Taylor

Sara’s Short Bio: Movies/TV: “Deep Undercover.” Theater/Regional: “Doubt: A Parable,” “Good People,” “Fences” “My Sister’s Keeper,” “The Playbook,” “Wide Open Spaces.”

Tasha Holmes as Sabrina Smith

Tasha’s Short Bio: Movies/TV: “Say When” “It’s a Man’s World” “No Law Against Love” Theater/Regional: “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Underground Episodes” “My Sister’s Keeper”

Joseph Hunter as Matt Miller

This is Joe’s first acting job. He came to auditions held in Philadelphia and nailed the role of Matt Miller, the owner of Paddy Whacks Pub and husband of Pastor Haley Mitchell. He also serves as the Executive Producer on the movie.

Michael Pleasant portrays Richard Anderson

Michael’s Short Bio. Movies/TV: “Wolf,” “Accepting Days,” “Identity Thief,” City of Angels,” “Coming Home,” “The Broken Athlete,” “Single Life.”

Jody Austin portrays Janice

Jody’s Short Bio: Jody is a retired veteran from the United States Air Force (Master Sergeant), who served 21 years in the Medical Corps, including tours of duties in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Southern Watch, and Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom.

As a classically trained musician Jody has performed with numerous ensembles and bands. As a poet, her performance style is incredibly versatile, drawing inspiration from such greats as Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Marcus Garvey, Phyllis Wheatley, Langston Hughes, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Chavez, Gil Scott Heron, Khalil Gibran, The Last Poets, and many others. “MY SISTER’S KEEPER” is an interactive poetic play written by, for and about women, that incorporates dance and music into the storytelling.

Misty Godfrey portrays Renee Reese

Misty is the owner of the Bill Pickett Riding Academy in Philadelphia where many of the scenes for the movie were shot. This is Misty’s first acting role.

Mike Beason

Mike Beason has a small role in the movie portraying himself. He is the Founder and Director of Development at From PTSD to Freedom. Mike, who is a veteran, is a survivor of military sexual assault.




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