For Some Veterans The Real War Begins When They Return Home.


"As a veteran and an actor I had to say yes to this opportunity that is in aligned with what I’m passionate about which is providing messages that will encourage and enlighten individuals for the purpose of empowering them to bring about change. “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives” does this. It’s bringing awareness and educating the public on mental health issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and sexual assault that members of the Armed Forces face that can lead to suicide. It's an honor and important for me to help tell Sgt. Torres’ story for all to know what we suffer and endure while serving our country. Therefore, I dedicate this to our fallen heroes and veterans. Our stories needs to be heard and no longer overlooked. I’m hopeful that this movie will bring about discussion for a positive change.”

"God Bless all of the brave men and women currently serving in our US military for their dedication, supreme sacrifice & service as well as all those who have served - Our Veteran's...I want to personally thank you ALL again. It was an honor to play a soldier in this movie. Regardless of my character, good or evil.....wearing this uniform was an honor. – Actor John Quinlan as Captain Jake Nixon.

“This is an Oscar winning script and actors! Brilliant director and producer Jillian Bullock”

- Houston Havens, International Best Selling Author

"A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives is a powerful film that unpacks some deep emotions with an important message.”

- Antoine Allen, Award Winning Filmmaker

“Your trailer for your film is EPIC! The message is strong on all levels and not just for Veterans. This film needs to be viewed by Everyone in the World!”

- Richard Bethea, Army Veteran and Filmmaker

“Last night members of the National Association of Black Military Women Brooklyn Chapter came out to support Jillian Bullock on her film A Sense of Purpose: Fighting for Our Lives. This film will hit home for many soldiers here and abroad. It is so pertinent to what is going on all around us. Although the film depicts sexual assault and sexual trauma in the armed forces, it also hold truth today with the #me too movement. The film showed that men have been abused as well. Again, I want to applaud my sister soldier Jillian Bullock for an outstanding film.”

- Army Colonel Annette Tucker Osborne

“Powerful, gripping, jaw-dropping, what more can one say about this movie trailer.”

- Linda Barton, Best Selling Author and Host of Deadly Reads Radio

“Thanks for shining a light on PTSD & MST & Command rape, this invisible wound needs to be brought to the forefront and openly spoken about in hopes that it prevents, helps, and renders better treatment in the future for both military and civilians.”

- Y.C. Lawson, Navy Veteran and Military Sexual Assault Survivor

“I had the privilege of attending a short screening of A Sense of Purpose at Temple University last week. I can unequivocally state that the film is powerful. A Sense of Purpose must be seen by as many individuals as possible, it is that important.”

- Diane Sandefur, Director of the Veterans Upward Bound Program at the University of Pennsylvania.



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